Oculus Announces Consumer Headset

E3 is still days away, but companies don’t seem to be waiting to raise the kilt on their latest and greatest announcements.

The darling of last year’s E3, Facebook’s Oculus, revealed its consumer headset to the press yesterday in San Francisco along with a partnership with Microsoft. (One could assume that the need to cozy up to Oculus was driven by rival Sony’s Project Morpheus VR tech).  

The updated Oculus Rift consumer package includes an Xbox One controller as well as a pair of the company’s own Oculus Touch controllers that allow users to engage with objects in virtual reality.  

But without content, this is just a bunch of useless plastic, so, hoping to jumpstart things, Oculus announced an investment of at least $10 million for the creation of original, independent VR games. Games including “Eve Valkyrie” and“Halo” will reportedly be ready to play on the Rift when it launches.  

Pre-ordering of the Rift will begin later in 2015 and the device will ship in the first quarter of next year.

CNET has a very good breakdown of how the tech will work with your PC. Click here to check it out.

Oculus Controller

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